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Landscaping Services

We provide a range of landscaping services, from patios and other hardscapes to edible gardens, ponds and water features.

Landscape drawing

Landscape Design

Landscaping adds value and beauty to your property while creating spaces to spend time with family and friends.

An essential step in landscaping is design and planning. A well-planned landscape takes into account the look and the intended uses that you have in mind, your climate and micro-climate, the layout and slope of your property, the location and orientation of your home, the time you have available for maintaining the landscape and many other considerations. The goal is to come up with a plan in which everything fits together harmoniously.

To understand your needs and desires and to determine what will work best on your property, we meet with you and visit your site. From there, we make landscape drawings and review them with you, making any necessary adjustments until everything is just right. We also offer consultations and can work with existing plans, photos, and ideas of your own.


Ponds, Natural Pools, and Waterfalls

Water Features

A water feature, such as a pond with a cascading waterfall is pleasant to sit by. It can add interest and beauty to your landscape while attracting finches and other birds and gently drowning out undesirable noises.

Whether your desire is to unwind, create a diverse natural ecosystem, or enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day; with a water feature on your property, you won’t have to travel far to take in the sights and sounds and enjoy the feel of being near water.

We build and install garden ponds, koi ponds, waterfalls and streams, natural pools and recreation ponds. Whether it becomes a peaceful retreat or an entertaining spot, Gardens Unlimited can help make it happen. Call us and let us lay out just the right spot for a water feature for your property.


FOR trees, paths, water features, AND  more

Professional Landscape Lighting

Installing a professional lighting system on your property can guide visitors safely around your property, while adding beauty. Friends and guests benefit from illuminated entries or approaches, paths, steps, and hazards. Many clients are busy working during the day, and landscape lighting offers a welcome home feel upon you and your family’s return. Clients often highlight trees, boundary lines, and unique features, like a pond or outdoor kitchen.

As outdoor living has become more prevalent; landscape lighting controls, improved fixture options, and bulb selections have emerged. New landscape lighting technology offers customers more customization and access to their system.

We specialize in new systems, repairs and upgrades. Let us install a professional lighting system and watch your landscape at night come alive. Call for an appointment and we’ll get you glowing!

Edible Gardens

Fruits, culinary herbs, and vegetables

Edible Gardens

Imagine the joy of harvesting juicy ripe tomatoes, plums and berries from your own beautifully designed landscape.

Using a combination of fruits, nuts, vegetables, berries and edible flowering plants, each carefully placed so as to form a harmonious blend of varied shapes, sizes, textures and colors, your landscape can be as nutritious as it is visually appealing.


Patios, Raised Beds, and Walkways


A patio or deck provides an inviting outdoor space where you can entertain guests, host family gatherings, or spend a peaceful morning outdoors. A fire pit built into patio enables you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the fire, and it can transform a otherwise dismally cold winter evening into a memorable time together with family and friends, enjoying one another's company and conversation. 

Hardscapes can blend harmoniously with trees, shrubs, gardens and other aspects of your landscape as well as your home's architectural style. And walkways, stairs and walls made of durable hard materials, such as concrete or stone are easy to maintain and while adding value to your home. Decorative concrete finishes, such as scoring, stamping, staining and dyeing can create focal points or accent touches to help connect landscape zones

Retaining wall

Natural boulders, interlocking concrete, or cut stone

Retaining Walls

In steeply sloped areas, retaining walls control and reduce flooding and create additional opportunities for planting trees, gardens and shrubs. Properly designed retaining walls are long-lasting and built from durable materials, such as natural boulders, interlocking concrete or cut stone.

Dry Creek

Dry Creeks, Surface, Sub Surface


Standing water, erosion and flooding after heavy rainfall are symptoms that you may need drainage improvements.

When designing your new landscape, we take into account the layout and topography of your land and any drainage issues that you are experiencing. We can design and implement drainage features that will not only deal with surface water problems but also enhance the overall appearance of your property.

For example, surface drains capture and redirect excess water, keeping walkways usable and free from flooding. French drains artfully channel water away from problematic spots. Swales curb erosion by slowing and guiding water along. Beautifully designed gardens make use of available water to produce lush foliage and flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators and add to the overall ambiance of your landscape.

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