A journey from small beginnings

Kendall and crew

My mother passed down to me and my siblings a genuine affinity for gardening, landscaping, and artistic expression. She often noticed the beautifully sculpted properties around the suburbs of Houston, where I grew up, and our home was no exception. Outdoor work and chores were something we all often participated in together as a family.

Around that time, my brothers and I started a lawn care business. We found our first customers by knocking on doors. We would push our mower, electric weed eater and blower around various subdivisions, mowing and maintaining yards. Later we got a mini-van, allowing us to expand our service area. (This was in the days before iPhones and Google Maps, so we found our way around with map books, and we stayed in touch with customers via pay phones while we were on the go.) Eventually each of us went off to different universities, married and started our families.

After I finished college, I began doing property management work, but I soon began to feel a tug towards landscaping work. Before long, I decided to take up landscape management again. I began going door-to-door, finding work raking leaves and pulling weeds. That soon led to lawn mowing and tree trimming. Eventually, I began installing landscape lighting systems and Christmas lights as well.

After living and working in the Bryan/College Station area for a number of years, my family and I decided to relocate ourselves and my landscaping business to Waco, Texas, where we are now.

Our main focus in recent years has become landscape construction, outdoor lighting and gardens (both edible and ornamental). Browse our website to learn more, and give us a call to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you to create your unique outdoor environment.

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